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Isthmos of the Peloponnese (region): A place
Istija (region): An area in al-Andalus
Istīniyā (settlement): A village near Kufa
Istria (region): A "cape" and peninsula in the Adriatic
al-Ītākhiyya (building): A palace in Samarra
Italy (region): A place
Iṭān (unknown): A place
Iṭār (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry
al-ʿIṭās (settlement): "unlocated desert station in Hijāz"
Itfīḥ (unknown): A place
Iṭfīḥ (unknown): A place
ʿIthāl (unknown): A place
Ithbīt (unknown): A place
Ithmid (unknown): A place
Ithome (settlement): A place
ʿIthrān (unknown): A place
ʿIthyar (unknown): A place
Itil (river): A larger river in the land of the Khazars (modern Volga)
al-Itim (wadi): A place
al-ʿItr (unknown): A place
Itrīsh (unknown): A place
Iturea (region): An ancient region around Chalcis in Syria
ʿItwad (unknown): A place
ʿItwar (unknown): A place
Īwālātan (settlement): "(Walāta), station in the Sahara"
al-Iwāna (unknown): A place
al-Īwān (unknown): A place
al-Īwāz (unknown): A place
al-Iyād (unknown): A place
ʿIyāna (unknown): A place
ʿIyār (unknown): A place
Izbid (unknown): A place
Izkī (settlement): "city of ʿOmān"
Izla (monastery): monastery
Izla (mountain): mountain near Nisibis
ʿIzwīt (unknown): A place
ʿIzzā (region): A district near Mosul
ʿIzz (unknown): A place
  • J
  • al-Jaʿalāt (unknown): A place near Ẓabya in Arabia
    al-Jabābayn (settlement): A village on the Dujayl near Baghdad
    Jabā Birāq (unknown): A place
    Jabā l-Birāq (unknown): A place
    al-Jabāh (unknown): A place
    Jabā (unknown): A place
    Jabaʾ (unknown): A place
    al-Jabājib (unknown): A place
    Jabākhān (settlement): A village at the gate of Balkh
    al-Jabal al-Aḥmar (mountain): "mountain around Mecca"
    Jabala (unknown): of the Hijaz
    Jabala (unknown): of al-Sitār
    Jabala (unknown): Of the Banu ʿĀmir
    Jabala (unknown): Of Najd
    Jabala (settlement): A city on the coast south-east of Laodicea and west of Apamea.
    al-Jabal al-Aqraʾ (mountain): "in Syria"
    al-Jabal al-Aswad (mountain): A mountain in the mikhlaf Sinḥān
    Jabalā Ṭayyiʾ (unknown): A place
    Jabal Bān (unknown): A place
    Jabal Banī Hilāl (unknown): A place
    Jabal Banī ʿUlaym (mountain): A mountain outside Aleppo
    Jabal al-Fiḍḍa (unknown): A place
    al-Jabal (unknown): A place
    Jabal Ibrāhīm (unknown): A place
    Jabal al-Jūdī (mountain): "in northern ʿIrāq"
    Jabal Juhayna (mountain): A mountain near al-Barūd
    Jabal Jūr (unknown): A place
    Jabal al-Khamr (unknown): A place
    Jabal Mattā (unknown): A place
    Jābalq (unknown): A place
    Jabal Quʿayqiʿān (mountain): "mountain around Mecca"
    Jabal al-Raṣāṣ (mountain): A mountain in a Tunisian proverb
    Jabal al-Samm (mountain): A mountain in Tibet
    Jabal al-Ṣayyāda (mountain): A mountain outside of Tunis
    Jabal Shahriyār (mountain): A place
    Jabal Shayba (mountain): A hill in Mecca near Daylamī, overlooking al-Marwa
    Jabal al-Sumāq (mountain): A mountain near Aleppo
    Jabal Ṭāriq (island): The island of Gibraltar at the western end of the Mediterranean
    Jabal Ṭāriq (settlement): Gibraltar
    Jabal al-Tawba (unknown): A place
    Jabal al-Ṭayr (mountain): A mountain in upper Egypt, named after the white birds there
    Jabal al-Ṭayr (mountain): "Hill of the Birds" at Mecca
    Jabal Thabīr (mountain): "near Mecca"
    Jabal al-Thalj (mountain): A mountain near Maʾrib
    Jabal al-Thalj (mountain): A mountain near Shabwa
    Jabal Thawr (mountain): "near Mecca on road to Yemen"
    Jabal Umm ʿAmr (unknown): A place
    Jabal al-Zān (mountain): A place
    Jabānā (region): An area in the Sawad of southern Iraq
    Jābān (unknown): A place
    Jābaq (unknown): A place
    Jaʿbar (fortification): A castle on the Euphrates between Balis and al-Raqqa
    Jabarkāwān (settlement): "in Ceylon"
    Jābars (settlement): A place
    al-Jābatān (unknown): A place
    Jabbāna (unknown): A place
    Jabbār (unknown): A place
    Jabbul (unknown): A place
    al-Jabbūl (settlement): Near Qenneshrīn
    al-Jāb (unknown): A place
    Jābir (unknown): A place
    al-Jābirī (unknown): A place in al-Yamama

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