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Suwā (wadi): A place
al-Ṣuwāʾiq (unknown): A place
Suwāj (mountain): A place
Suwāj (mountain): A mountain belonging to Ghanī
Suwāj (wadi): A wadi in al-Yamāma
Suwāj al-Laʿbāʾ (unknown): A place
Suwāj al-Mardama (unknown): A place
Suwāj Ṭikhfa (mountain): A place
Suwāna (unknown): A place
Suwān (unknown): A place
al-Ṣuwar (mountain): A place mentioned in al-Akhtal's poetry
Suwāriq (unknown): A place
al-Suwāriqiyya (unknown): A place
al-Suwaydāʾ (settlement): A town near Harran
al-Suwaydāʾ (settlement): A village in the Hawran near Damascus
al-Suwaydāʾ (unknown): A place two nights' journey from Medina on the road to Syria
Suwaymira (unknown): A place
Suwayqa (unknown): In a wadi named al-Rayyān
Suwayqa (unknown): Near al-Sayāla
Suwayqa (unknown): A place near Medina where a prominent branch of the Alid family lived until al-Mutawakkil's army destroyed it
Suwayqa (mountain): A mountain between Yanbuʿ and Medina
Suwayqat al-ʿAbbāsa (unknown): A place
Suwayqat ʿAbd al-Wahhāb (unknown): A place
Suwayqat ʿAbd al-Wāḥid (unknown): A place in Baghdad
Suwayqat Abī ʿUbayd Allāh (unknown): A place
Suwayqat Abī l-Ward (unknown): A place
Suwayqat Ghālib (unknown): A place
Suwayqat Ḥajjāj (unknown): A place
Suwayqat al-Haytham (unknown): A place
Suwayqat Ibn Maktūd (unknown): A place
Suwayqat Ibn ʿUyayna (unknown): A place
Suwayqat Khālid (unknown): A place
Suwayqat Naṣr (unknown): A place
Suwayqat al-Razīq (unknown): A place
al-Ṣuwayr (unknown): A place
Suways (settlement): "A port on the Red Sea (modern Suez)"
Ṣuwwar (settlement): village on banks of Khabur River
al-Suyālā (unknown): A place
Sūyanj (unknown): A place
al-Suyūḥ (unknown): A place
Svetigrad (settlement): A place
SWQYN (fortification): A castle in Asia Minor where Ibrāhīm b. Ad'ham was reportedly buried
SWRMYN (settlement): A city in Gharj al-Shar, two stages from Marw al-Rudh
SWʾS (unknown): One of the seats of the Byzantine strategos of Paphlagonia
Sybaris (settlement): town in southern Italy
ṢʾYD (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry
Sykai (quarter): suburb of Constantinople
Synagogue in Kufa (synagogue): A place
Synagogue in Shafjathib (synagogue): A place
Synagogue near Sepulchre of Ezra (synagogue): A place
Synagogue of Caleb ben Jephunneh (synagogue): at Tiberias
Synagogue of Ezekiel (synagogue): by the Euphrates, Iraq
Synagogue of Ezra (synagogue): at Haran
Synagogue of Ezra (synagogue): at Rakka
Synagogue of Mar Keshisha (synagogue): at Hillah, Iraq
Synagogue of Moses (synagogue): outside Mizraim (Fustat), i.e. in Dammuh
Synagogue of Nahum the Elkoshite (synagogue): at Mosul
Synagogue of Obadiah (synagogue): at Mosul
Synagogue of Rabbah (synagogue): at Gazigan
Synagogue of Rabbi Isaac Napcha (synagogue): at Kaphri
Synagogue of Rabbi Mari (synagogue): at Hillah, Iraq
Synagogue of Rabbi Meir (synagogue): at Hillah, Iraq
Synagogue of Rab Jehuda and Samuel (synagogue): at El-Anbar
Synagogue of Rab Zeiri, the son of Chama (synagogue): at Hillah
Synagogue of Samuel (synagogue): at Ramah
Synagogue of the Exilarch (synagogue): at Baghdad
Synagogue of the Pavilion of Daniel (synagogue): in Babylon, Iraq
Synagogues in Baghdad (synagogue): A place
Synagogues in Kotsonath (synagogue): A place
Synagogues in Mizrayim (synagogue): A place
Synagogues in Shushan (synagogue): A place
Syn (settlement): A village near ʿArqa on or near the coast of Syria
Synnada (settlement): town in Phrygia
al-ṢYNʾNH (unknown): A place near Moks
Syriac Orthodox church at Ḥarrān (church): A place
Syria (region): A place
Syrian coast (region): A place
Syria of Damascus (region): The region around Damascus
Syria of Damascus (region): The region around Damascus, including Mt. Lebanon, south of Coele-Syria, and north of Palestine
Syrin (settlement): A village a bit over a league from Safad
ṢʾYRTʾQNʾ (mountain): Two small mountains north of Qanā
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  • al-Taʿānīq (unknown): A place
    Tabaʿa (unknown): A place
    Ṭabab (unknown): A place
    Ṭāba (unknown): A place
    Tabāla (unknown): A place
    Ṭabandhā (unknown): A place
    Ṭābān (unknown): A place
    Ṭābaq (unknown): A place
    Ṭabarak (fortification): A castle near al-Ray
    Ṭābarān (unknown): A place
    Ṭabarān (unknown): A place
    Tabaristan (region): A historical region encompassing the area from the southern coast of the Caspian Sea to the Elburz mountain range in Iran.
    Ṭabariyya (settlement): a town on the Sea of Galilee
    Ṭabarmīn (unknown): A place
    Ṭabarqa (unknown): A place
    Ṭabarsatarān (unknown): A place
    al-Tabasān (unknown): A place
    Ṭabas (settlement): A city between Nishapur and Isfahan and Kirman
    Tabghar (unknown): A place

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