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Nūz (unknown): A place
Nūzkāth (settlement): A town near Jurjaniyya in Khwarazm
Nvəndi (settlement): A place
al-NWʾSh (fortification): A castle in Yemen
al-NYBṬN (quarter): A neighborhood in Damascus
NYBṬWN (quarter): A neighborhood in Damascus
NYRWH (fortification): A castle in the district of al-Zawazān
Nyssa (settlement): episcopal town in Cappadocia
NYʾSTʾNH (settlement): A village near Yazd
  • O
  • Oak of Mamre (church): A place
    Oasis (oasis): in Egypt
    Ocean (open water): The body of water thought to surround the dry land of Afro-Eurasia
    Ochrid (settlement): A place
    octogonal church at Antioch (church): built by Constantine I
    Oil-spring at Pozzuoli (natural feature): A place
    Okba (fortification): fortress in Persia
    Old Church (church): at Edessa
    Old Church (church): in the monastery of Mār Bar Ṣawmā, built in 1333 AG / 1021-2 CE
    old gate (building): A gate of Jerusalem
    Olympus (mountain): mountain
    ʿOmān (region): A place
    Onias (settlement): On, town in Egypt
    Opountia (settlement): town of Greece
    Ōrēl (settlement): A place
    Oristano (settlement): A place
    Orontes River (river): A river in Syria
    Orotan (fortification): A place
    Ōrtubazar (unknown): A place
    Ōshin (region): A place
    Oshnaviyeh (settlement): town in Adharbayjān
    Osrhoēnē (region): region of Edessa
    Ostan (settlement): A city on the south shore of Lake Van (modern Gevaş)
    Ostan (region): A place
    Ostan (diocese): Armenian bishopric
    Otranto (settlement): a town in Southern Italy
    outer India (region): A place
    Oxy, Mount (mountain): A place
  • P
  • Pābarā (settlement): town in Asia Minor
    Paddānā Rabbthā (unknown): place in Mesopotamia
    Paddan Aram (region): source of the Balikh river
    Padua (settlement): A place
    Pair of Green Needles (building): Two columns painted green in Mecca
    palace (building): built in imitation of Aywān Kisrā at Shīrāz
    palace of Ahab, son of Omri (building): at Sebastia, Palestine
    Palace of Ahasuerus (building): at Shushan
    palace of Ben Hadad (building): identified with the Great Mosque of Damascus
    Palace of Emir al Muminim (building): at Mizraim; i.e. the Fatimid palace in Cairo
    palace of Emperor Nero (building): at Rome
    palace of Hormizdas (building): at Constantinople
    Palace of Julius Caesar (building): at Rome
    Palace of Nebuchadnezzar (building): at Babylon
    Palace of Nur-ed-din (building): at Aleppo
    Palace of Pharaoh's daughter (building): at Baalbec
    Palace of Pope (building): at Rome
    Palace of Salmon the Nasi (building): at Tanai
    Palace of the Abbasid Caliph (building): at Baghdad
    Palace of Titus (building): at Rome
    Palace of Vespasianus (building): at Rome
    Palace of William II (building): a palace in the Sicilian city of Palermo (Cuba Palace)
    Palaia Laura (monastery): monastery near Jerusalem
    Palakhoru (monastery): A place
    Pālam (settlement): "village of Dihlī"
    Palatine Hill (mountain): at Rome
    Palermo (settlement): The largest city in Sicily
    Palm of Deborah (natural feature): A tree associated with Deborah, the judge of ancient Israel
    Palu (settlement): A place
    Pamphylia (region): A place
    Panderani (settlement): in Mulaibār
    Pandosia (settlement): town of Italy
    Panion (region): A place
    Pannonia (region): region
    Panormos (settlement): of Crete
    Pantheon (temple): building at Rome
    Paphlagonia (region): A place
    Paphos (settlement): town in Cyprus
    Paradise (garden): A place
    Parætonium (settlement): town of Marmarica
    Parʿā (mountain): mountain near Ḥarrān
    Paralus (settlement): town of Egypt
    Paran (region): A wilderness mentioned in the Bible
    Pārgasiyā (monastery): A monastery in Tagrā
    Parion (settlement): town of Greece
    Paris (settlement): a city in France
    Parīs (monastery): monastery of the region of Ḥiṣn Manṣūr
    Parthia (region): A place
    Paṙuagrak (monastery): A place
    Parvan (settlement): "(alleged town near Gwalior)"
    Parwan (region): "in Afghanistan"
    P‘asavank‘ (settlement): A place
    Pashāy (region): "district in Afghanistan"
    passage of ʿĀʾisha (building): at al-Madīna
    Pass of Afīq (mountain pass): Near the Golan Heights on the road to Damascus
    Pass of ʿAlī (mountain pass): A place
    Pass of ʿAyla (mountain pass): A place
    Pass of Iskandar (mountain pass): "at Adam’s Peak"
    Patara (settlement): town of Lycia
    Patmos (island): island
    Patras (settlement): Neopatras near Thermopylae (modern Ypati)
    Patras (settlement): A city in Achaia
    Patzinakia (region): a region on the Danube; ancient Dacia

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