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Probatikē (church): church of Bethesda pool in Jerusalem
Procopius (church): church at Caesarea in Palestine
Prokonnesos (island): A place
Propontis (open water): Bosporus
Protē (island): island of Alexandria on which the Pharos Lighthouse was built
Provence (region): a region in Southern France
Prusias ad Mare (settlement): town of Bithynia
Prussia (region): A place
Pslents‘atsvuk‘ (unknown): A place
Ptolemais (settlement): town of Libya
Pumbedita (settlement): An ancient city in Iraq
Pūrkāsē (monastery): monastery in the mountain of Edessa
Puttalam (settlement): A town, the capital of the Sultan of Maʿbar
Pylos (settlement): A place
pyramid of Job (building): An ancient tomb north of the Sea of Galilee, ascribed to Job
pyramids (building): The necropolis at ʿAmrīt
Pyramids (building): of Egypt
Pyrenees (mountain): A place
Pythion (settlement): A place
  • Q
  • al-Qāʿa (unknown): A place
    Qaʿamʿam (unknown): A place
    al-Qaʿāqiʿ (unknown): A place
    Qabādhiq (region): Cappadocia
    Qabādhiq (province): The Byzantine theme of Cappadocia
    al-Qabāʾiḍ (unknown): A place
    Qabala (settlement): An ancient city near Darband
    Qabal (unknown): A place
    al-Qabaliyya (unknown): A place
    Qaʿbat al-ʿAlam (unknown): A place
    Qabbūdiya (unknown): A place
    Qabda (unknown): A place
    Qabdhāq (settlement): A city near Cordoba (modern Alcaudete)
    Qabḥāṭa (unknown): A place
    al-Qābila (region): One of the eastern districts of Ṣanʿāʾ in Yemen
    Qabīlā (settlement): A city in Sind
    al-Qābil (unknown): A place
    Qabīrā (settlement): town of the Parthians
    al-Qabīṣa (settlement): A village near Samarra
    al-Qabīṣa (settlement): A village east of Mosul
    Qābis (settlement): A coastal city between Tripoli and Sfax (also known as Gabes)
    Qabq (mountain): Caucasus mountains
    Qabra (region): A district in al-Andalus
    Qabrāthā (unknown): A place
    Qabr (unknown): A place
    Qabr al-ʿIbādī (unknown): A place
    Qabr al-Nudhūr (unknown): A place
    Qabrūniyā (unknown): A place
    Qabthūr (unknown): A place
    Qābūn (unknown): A place
    Qadām (unknown): A place
    Qadas (settlement): A town near Hims in Syria
    Qadawmā (unknown): A place
    Qaddāḥ (unknown): A place
    Qādhūsiyān (unknown): A place
    al-Qaḍīb (unknown): A place
    al-Qādima (unknown): A place
    Qādim (unknown): A place
    Qādis (unknown): A place
    al-Qādisiyya (settlement): A large village in the district of Dujayl between Harba and Samarra
    al-Qādisiyya (settlement): location of an early Islamic battle, in Iraq
    al-Qadmūs (settlement): A city in western Syria
    al-Qadmūs (fortification): "castle in Syria"
    al-Qadūm (unknown): A place
    Qafā Ādam (unknown): A place
    al-Qafā (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry
    Qafal (unknown): A place
    Qāf (unknown): A place
    Qafīl (unknown): A place
    al-Qafīr (unknown): A place
    Qafṣa (settlement): A small town in western Ifriqiyya
    Qafūṣ (unknown): A place
    al-Qafw (unknown): A place
    Qahad (unknown): A place
    al-Qāḥa (unknown): A place
    Qahandaz (fortification): A place
    al-Qahar (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry
    Qahij (settlement): A village near Hamadhan
    al-Qaḥma (settlement): "A town in the Yaman"
    Qahqūh (unknown): A place
    Qahqūr (unknown): A place
    al-Qahr (unknown): A place in the Hijaz, mentioned in poetry
    al-Qāʿ (unknown): A place
    Qahwān (unknown): A place
    al-Qahz (unknown): A place
    al-Qāʾima (settlement): A town in Yemen
    al-Qāʾim (building): A building near Samarra, built by al-Mutawakkil
    Qāʾim al-Wāthiq (settlement): "ruined village near al-Najaf"
    Qāʿis (unknown): A place
    al-Qalaʿa (unknown): A place
    Qalaf (monastery): monastery of
    Qalahā (unknown): A place
    Qalahhī (unknown): A place
    Qalaʿ (unknown): A place
    al-Qalʿa (unknown): A place
    Qalahurra (unknown): A place
    al-Qalʿa al-Jadīda (fortification): A castle on a mountain in Mesopotamia
    al-Qalamūn (unknown): A place
    Qalamun (fortification): A fortress one league from Tripoli
    Qalamya (unknown): A place
    Qalamya (settlement): A city in Anatolia

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