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Dūsarkān (unknown): A place
Dūshā (wadi): A tributary of the Tigris flowing from al-Zawzān
Dusmān (unknown): A place
al-Duthayna (unknown): A place
Duwāf (unknown): A place
al-Duwāʿ (unknown): A place
Duwān (unknown): A place
Duwaybiq (settlement): A village near Dābiq
Ḍuwayḥik (unknown): A place
al-Ḍuwayjiʿa (unknown): Water near al-Thaʿlabiyya on the road from al-Kufa to Mecca
al-Duwayra (unknown): A place
Duwayrat al-Sumaysāṭī (building): A place in Damascus
al-Duways (settlement): A village near Bayhaq
al-Duwīra (settlement): A village two farsakhs from Nishapur
Duwwār (unknown): A place
Dūzakh Darah (unknown): A place near Hamadhān
Duzdān (settlement): A small city of Shahrazūr between Nīm Izrāy and Shīz
dwellings of Thamūd (building): "at Madāʾin Ṣāliḥ"
DWMYS (region): A district in Arran between Bardha`a and Dabil
al-DWYMH (settlement): A village of ʿAththar in the qibla direction
Dzagavank‘ (monastery): A place
DZBʾZ (settlement): A village near Nishapur on the road to Herat
DZBZ (fortification): The citadel of the city Sābūr Khwāst
Dzorots‘ (region): A place
Dzoroyvank‘ (monastery): A place
Dzov (settlement): town of Armenia
  • E
  • East Gate (building): in Damascus, also called "St. Paul's Gate"
    Ebal (mountain): a mountain near Nablus
    Ebony Mosque (mosque): "at Judda"
    Ecbatana (settlement): (Media)
    Echinades Islands (island): A place
    Edessa (settlement): town of Macedonia
    Edessa (diocese): diocese
    Edessa (diocese): Latin archbishopric
    Edessa (diocese): Syriac Orthodox diocese
    Edessa (settlement): A city of Mesopotamia, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Osrhoene, modern Urfa.
    Edom (region): An ancient region around Mt. Seir, mentioned in the Bible
    Ēgēpat (settlement): A place
    Eghegis (settlement): A place
    Eghivard (settlement): A place
    Eghrdot (monastery): A place
    Eghudzor (settlement): A place
    Egil (settlement): A town on the Tigris northwest of Amida.
    Eğridir (settlement): "city of Phrygia, ruled by the Hamīd-oghlu"
    Egripo (settlement): modern-day Chalcis, a city in Greece
    Egypt (region): The region around the Nile River in the north-east corner of Africa.
    Ējmiatsin (monastery): A place
    Ekegheats‘ (region): A place
    Ekron (settlement): An ancient Philistine city mentioned in the Bible
    Elam (settlement): town of Persia
    Elea (settlement): town of Asia
    Elephant (garden): a vineyard near to the monastery of Bar Ṣawmā
    Eleusis (quarter): quarter of Alexandria
    Eleusis (settlement): town of Greece
    Eleutherus river (river): A river mentioned in 1 Macc. 12:30
    Elias Monastery (monastery): near Samosata
    Elikē (settlement): town of the Peloponnese
    Elim (region): A place mentioned in the biblical account of the Exodus
    Elisha's hermitage (monastery): a place on Mount Carmel near Haifa
    Elis (region): A place
    Elqesem (settlement): the place of origin of the prophet Nahum according to Epiphanius
    Elvira (settlement): a city in Spain near Granada
    embolon (building): at Constantinople
    Emigration-place of Abraham (unknown): The eschatological destination of the best people on earth, according to several early Islamic hadiths
    Emmaus (settlement): a town near Jerusalem in Filasṭīn
    Enaton (monastery): locality near Alexandria
    Endor (settlement): A village in ancient Israel, mentioned in the Bible as the home of a necromancer consulted by Saul
    En-gedi (mountain): A mountain on the western shore of the Dead Sea
    En-gedi (region): A vineyard on Cyprus
    England (region): A place
    English Channel (open water): A place
    Enoch (settlement): town in Palestine
    En-Rogel (spring): A spring outside Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible
    Epeiros (region): A place
    Ephesus (diocese): diocese
    Ephesus (settlement): A city in western Asia Minor.
    Ephraim gate (building): A gate in Jerusalem
    Ephraim (region): territory of Ephraim tribe
    Ephraim (mountain): a mountain in Palestine
    Epiphania (settlement): town of Cilicia
    Epiros (region): region
    Ereran (monastery): A place
    Erewan (settlement): A place
    Erkayn-Ǝnkuzeats‘ (settlement): A place
    Erkirn Kharamni (region): A place
    Ernjak (region): A place
    Ernjak (settlement): A place
    Erzerum (settlement): town of Armenia
    Etna (mountain): volcano
    Euboia (island): A place
    Eukhaita (settlement): town of Pontos
    Euphemia (church): church, at Chalcedon
    Euphrates (river): A place
    Euphratesia (region): region
    Euripus (open water): strait, at Euboia
    Europe (region): A place
    Eurotas River (river): A place
    Eusebios (monastery): at Abena
    Eusebona (monastery): near Antioch
    Exedra Monastery (monastery): in Syria

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