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al-ʿUnayq (unknown): A place
ʿUnayyiq (unknown): A place
al-Unayyis (unknown): A place
ʿUnayza (unknown): A place
ʿUnayzatayn (unknown): A place
Unbāba (unknown): A place
ʿUnbān (unknown): A place
Unda (settlement): A city near Valencia in al-Andalus
Undūshar (fortification): A castle in al-Andalus near Cordova
Ūnīk (fortification): A castle in the region of Basin near Erzerum
Unj (unknown): A place
ʿUnna (unknown): A place
Unnā (unknown): A place
unnamed church (church): A church between Bethany and the Jordan River, in the place where the temptation of Christ in the wilderness reportedly occurred
unnamed church (church): Bethlehem
unnamed church (church): on the Mount of Olives
unnamed church (church): in Mayperqāṭ
unnamed church (church): Syriac Orthodox, at Āmid, consecrated on the feast of St. Barbara, 4 Dec. 1177
unnamed church (church): in the monastery of Mār Bar Ṣawmā, constructed by Patriarch Michael I in 1491-1504 AG / 1180-1193 CE
unnamed church (church): Syriac Orthodox church at Ḥarrān
unnamed church (church): in Gabbūlā, belonging to the Syriac Orthodox
unnamed church (church): in Tripoli, belonging to the Syriac Orthodox
unnamed church (church): in Laodicea (of Syria), belonging to the Syriac Orthodox
unnamed column (building): column against which Jesus was flagellated
unnamed column (building): A column near Tyre where pilgrims were reportedly murdered
unnamed column (building): where Jesus was flagellated (mentioned in John 19:1, Mark 15:15, and Matthew 27:26).
unnamed hamlet (settlement): A settlement near the sea of Tiberias, fifteen miles from Gennesaret
unnamed mountain (mountain): Near the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus was believed to have fed the multitude
unnamed place (unknown): spot on the shore of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus invited his disciples to eat fish after his resurrection (John 21)
unnamed place (unknown): place on the Mount of Olives where Jesus reportedly ascended to heaven, mentioned in Acts 1:9-11
unnamed place (unknown): place where Helena found the true cross
unnamed place (unknown): A place outside the east gate of Tyre where Jesus was believed to have been preaching in Luke 11:28
unnamed place (unknown): place where Jesus called Matthew from the custom house, mentioned in Matthew 9:9
unnamed place (unknown): place where the Virgin Mary died
unnamed river (river): in which Philip baptized the eunuch, mentioned in Acts 8
Unnamed village (settlement): in the desert in Iraq; a burial-place of several rabbis
ʿUnn (unknown): A place
ʿUnquz (unknown): A place
al-ʿUnṣalān (unknown): A place
ʿUnṣulāʾ (unknown): A place
ʿUnṣul (unknown): A place
ʿUnubub (unknown): A place
Upper Mysia (region): A region in the Balkans north of the Danube
Upper pool (open water): A pool near Jerusalem
al-ʿUqāb (unknown): A place
ʿUqad (unknown): A place
ʿUqār (unknown): A place
al-ʿUqayba (unknown): A place near Damascus along the Baradā river
ʿUqayl (settlement): A village of Hawran near Damascus
al-Uqayliba (unknown): A place
ʿUqayrabā (unknown): A place
al-ʿUqayra (unknown): A place
al-ʿUqayr (settlement): A coastal village near Hajar in al-Bahrayn
al-Uqayr (unknown): A place
al-Uqayṣir (unknown): A place
al-Uqayyāʿ (unknown): A place
ʿUqda (unknown): A place
ʿUqfān (unknown): A place
ʿŪq (unknown): A place in al-Baṣra
ʿŪq (unknown): A place in the Ḥijāz
al-Uqḥuwāna (settlement): In the Jordan River Valley
Uqlīsh (settlement): A city in al-Andalus
Uqlūsh (unknown): A place near Granada
ʿUqma (unknown): A place
Uqr (water): Water in the lands of Ghatafan
al-ʿUqūr (unknown): A place
Uqur (mountain): A mountain between Kufa and Basra in southern Iraq
Uqur (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry alongside Banāna
Uqur (wadi): A wadi belonging to the Banu Murra
al-ʿUrāba (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry
Urābin (unknown): A place
al-ʿUrada (unknown): A place
Uraffī (unknown): A place
ʿUrāʿir (unknown): A place
Uramā (unknown): A place
Uram (settlement): A town in Tabaristan
Uram Khāst (unknown): A place
ʿUrandal (unknown): A place
Urants‘ (settlement): A place
Urāq (unknown): A place
al-ʿUrasāʾ (unknown): A place
Urāṭa (unknown): A place
Urāṭā (unknown): A place
Urāṭ (unknown): A place
ʿUrayḍa (unknown): A place
ʿUrayḍ (unknown): A place
ʿUrayfiṭān (unknown): A place
ʿUrayʿira (unknown): A place
ʿUrayjāʾ (unknown): A place
Urayka (mountain): A place
Uraykatān (mountain): A place
al-ʿUrayma (unknown): A place
ʿUrayna (unknown): A place
Urayna (unknown): A place
Urayniba (unknown): A place
Uraynibāt (unknown): A place
ʿUrayqa (unknown): A place
ʿUrayq (unknown): A place
ʿUrayshāʾ (unknown): A place
al-Uraytāq (unknown): A place

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