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ʿUraytināt (unknown): A place
Urbino (settlement): A place
al-Urbus (settlement): A city in Ifriqiyya
ʿUrḍ (settlement): A small town in the Syrian desert between Tadmur and Rusafa
Urd (region): A region in Fars with its capital at Taymaristan
al-Urdunn (unknown): A place
al-ʿUrfa (unknown): A place
ʿUrfa (unknown): A place
ʿUrfat al-Ajbāl (unknown): A place
ʿUrfat al-Amlaḥ (unknown): A place
ʿUrfat Aʿyār (unknown): A place
ʿUrfat al-Farwayn (unknown): A place
ʿUrfat al-Ḥimā (unknown): A place
ʿUrfat Khajā (unknown): A place
ʿUrfat Manʿij (unknown): A place
ʿUrfat al-Muṣrim (unknown): A place
ʿUrfat Nibāṭ (unknown): A place
ʿUrfat Raqd (unknown): A place
ʿUrfat Sāq (unknown): A place
ʿUrfat Ṣāra (unknown): A place
ʿUrfat al-Thamad (unknown): A place
ʿUrf (unknown): A place
al-ʿUrf (region): A mikhlāf in Yemen
ʿUrhān (unknown): A place
Ur (settlement): town of the Chaldeans
Ūr (unknown): A place
Urim (diocese): Syriac Orthodox diocese
Ūrim (unknown): A place
al-Urīn (unknown): A place
Ūrīṭ (unknown): A place
Ūriyūla (settlement): An ancient city in al-Andalus in the vicinity of Tadmir (modern Orihuela)
Urjudhūna (unknown): A place
Urm (unknown): A place
Urmiya (settlement): A big city in Adharbayjan
Urnīsh (unknown): A place
Urnīṭ (unknown): A place
Uṙnkar (monastery): A place
al-ʿUrqūb (unknown): A place
al-ʿUrr (mountain): A mountain near ʿAdan
al-ʿUrruwand (unknown): A place
al-ʿUrsh (unknown): A place
Urshudhūna (unknown): A place
Urtab, Mt. (mountain): A place
Ūrṭāyē (region): region
al-Urtīq (unknown): A place
Urts (settlement): A place
ʿUruffān (mountain): A place
Urukhs (settlement): A village in the Shawadhar region, four farsakhs from Samarqand
Uruk (settlement): The city of Salmā, one of the mountains of Ṭayʾ
Urul (unknown): From the lands of Fazāra between al-Ghūṭa and the mountain Ṣubḥ
Urul (mountain): A mountain in the land of Ghaṭafān
al-ʿUrūsh (unknown): A place
ʿUrus (unknown): A place
ʿUrwān (unknown): A place
ʿUryān (unknown): A place
al-ʿUry (unknown): A place
ʿUṣaba (unknown): A place
al-Uṣāghī (unknown): A place
Usāhim (unknown): A place
Usāla (unknown): A place
Usālim (unknown): A place
al-ʿUṣayb (unknown): A place
al-Uṣayhib (unknown): A place
Usayla (unknown): A place
al-ʿUsayla (campsite): "station from al-Madīna towards ʿIrāq"
ʿUṣaym (settlement): A village in the wadi ʿAradāt
Usays (unknown): A place
Usbānaykath (settlement): A city in Ma Wara' al-Nahr
ʿUsfān (settlement): A town between Mecca and Medina
Ushāhum (unknown): A place
ʿUshar (unknown): A place
Ushayqir (unknown): A place
al-ʿUshayra (unknown): A place
al-ʿUshayr (unknown): A place
Ushayy (unknown): A place
Ushbūra (region): A region in al-Andalus
Ūsh (settlement): A town in the Farghana valley
Ushmiyūn (settlement): A village near Bukhara
Ushmūm al-Juraysāt (settlement): A town in al-Manufa in Egypt
Ushmūm Ṭanāḥ (settlement): A town near Dimyat in Egypt
Ushmūnayn (settlement): "city in Upper Egypt"
al-Ushnān (quarter): A neighborhood of Baghdad
Ushnuh (settlement): A town in Adharbayjan
Ushqūbul (unknown): A place
Ushrūsana (region): A region in Central Asia containing the cities of Bunjīkat, Sābāṭ, Zāmīn, Dārak, and Kharaqāna
Ushrūsana (settlement): A big town twenty-six farsakhs from Samarqand
al-ʿUshsh (wadi): A wadi near Medina
Ushtābadīza (quarter): A large neighborhood in Samarqand
ʿŪs (unknown): A place
al-Ushtūm (unknown): A place
Ushtūn (unknown): A place
Ushturj (settlement): A village near Marw
Ushturkān (settlement): A town near Isfahan
Ushūna (settlement): A fortress in al-Andalus
Ushūqa (settlement): A town in al-Andalus
ʿUshūrā (unknown): A place
ʿUṣm (unknown): A place
Usnān (unknown): A place
Usqub (settlement): A town near Barqa
Usqufa (unknown): A place

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