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al-Nāṣiriyya (unknown): A place
Nasjān (unknown): A place
Nasl (unknown): A place
Naṣrābādh (unknown): A place
Nasr (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry, near Medina
al-Nasr (settlement): A pre-Islamic city in Iraq
al-Naṣriyya (quarter): A neighborhood in southwest Baghdad
Nasriyya (settlement): A city near Mayyafariqin.
al-Nassāsa (unknown): A place
Nastaraw (settlement): "town near Lake Tinnīs, in Egypt"
Nastarū (island): A place
Naṭāh (unknown): A place
Naṭāʿ (unknown): A place
Nāṭalūq (unknown): A place
Naṭanza (settlement): A town near Isfahan
Nathra (unknown): A place
Nātil (settlement): A city in Ṭabaristān, five farsakhs from Amul
Naṭrūḥ (region): A mikhlāf in Yemen
Naṭṭaḥ (unknown): A place
al-Naṭūf (unknown): A place
Nāṭulīn (unknown): A place
al-Nāṭuliqūs (province): The Byzantine theme of Anatolikon
Naucratis (settlement): town of Egypt
Naupaktos (settlement): a city in Greece
Nauplion (settlement): A place
Nāʿūra (unknown): A place
Navarre (region): A place
al-Nawāba (settlement): A village in the Sinḥān mikhlaf in Yemen
Nawāda (unknown): A place
Nawādir (unknown): A place
Naʿwa (unknown): A place
Nawā (settlement): A town in the Hawran region near Damascus
Nawā (settlement): A village near Samarqand
al-Nawāʾiḥ (unknown): A place
al-Nawāʿiṣ (unknown): A place
Naʿwān (unknown): A place
al-Nawāqīr (unknown): A place
Nawasā (unknown): A place
al-Nawāṣif (unknown): A place
Nawāz (unknown): A place
Nawbadh (unknown): A place
Nawdh (unknown): A place
Nawdiz (unknown): A place
Nawfar (settlement): A village near Bukhara
Nawīnābād (settlement): One of the constituent cities of al-Madāʾin
al-Nāwiyya (settlement): A village in Egypt in the region of al-Gharbiyya
al-Nāwiyya (settlement): A village in Egypt in the region of al-Bahnasā
Nawnd (quarter): A lane in Nishapur
Nawnd (quarter): A part of Samarqand
Nawqad (unknown): A place
Nawshahr (unknown): A place
Nawsh (unknown): A place
al-Nāwūsa (unknown): A place
Nāwūs al-Ẓabya (unknown): A place
Naxos (settlement): town of Sicily
Nāyanj (unknown): A place
Nayāt (unknown): A place
Nayipents‘ (unknown): A place
Nāyit (region): A district near Basra
Nayrab (settlement): A village outside Damascus
Nayramān (settlement): A village near Hamadhān
Nayrīz (settlement): A town near Shīrāz
Naysābūr (settlement): A city of Khurāsān
Nayyān (unknown): A place
Nazaʿa (unknown): A place
Nazal (unknown): A place
Nazareth (diocese): Latin bishopric
al-Naẓīma (unknown): A place
al-Naẓīm (unknown): A place
Nāẓira (unknown): A place
al-Nāziya (unknown): A place
Nazwā (mountain): "A mountain in ʿOmān"
Nazzāʿat al-Shawā (unknown): A place
NʾBD (open water): A bay near Sīrāf
ʾNBʾWN (unknown): A place near Karmāṭa
al-NBYLH (fortification): A castle in Yemen
ʿNDMYS (unknown): A spring at the source of the Jayḥūn river in Central Asia
ʾNDYKhʾRʿ (river): A tributary of the Jayḥūn river in Central Asia
ʾNDZHL (unknown): A place mentioned by Yaqut al-Hamawi with no definition
Nea Lavra (monastery): a monastery near Jerusalem
Nebo (mountain): a mountain in Jordan, across the Jordan river
Nehardea (settlement): a city in Iraq
Neocaesarea (settlement): A settlement northeast of Tokat in Anatolia.
Neokastron (fortification): A fortress in the Peloponnese
Neos embolos (building): at Constantinople
Nephin (fortification): A fortress near Anafa
Nerk‘in-Derjan (region): A place
Nestea (region): A place
new church at Antioch (church): built by Syriac Orthodox patriarch Elias in 1032 AG / 721 CE
new Hebron (fortification): A fort built around the tombs of the Patriarchs outside old Hebron
New Hurmuz (island): "an island in the Gulf near Hurmuz"
Nəwan (unknown): A place
NʾFQʾN (settlement): A village near Marw
Nghir (fortification): A place
Niʿāf ʿIrq (unknown): A place
al-Nibāʿ (unknown): A place
al-Nibāj (unknown): A place
Nibāk (unknown): A place
Nibāla (unknown): A place
Nicaea (settlement): A city in northwestern Anatolia.

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