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Wāsiṭ (unknown): On the Dujayl three farsakhs from Baghdad
Wāsiṭ (settlement): A village west of the Euphrates opposite al-Raqqa
Wāsiṭ (settlement): The famous city in southern Iraq between al-Kūfa and al-Basra
Wāsiṭ (unknown): A manzil of the Banū Qushayr
Wāsiṭ (settlement): A village near al-Farj not far from Mosul, between Maraq and ʿAyn al-Raṣad or al-Mujāhidiyya
Wāsiṭ (settlement): A village near Maṭīrābādh
Wāsiṭ (mountain): A hill in Mecca
Wāsiṭ (settlement): A village east of the Tigris at Mosul, two miles from it
Wāsiṭ (unknown): In Najd, mentioned in the poetry of Khidāsh b. Zuhayr
Wāsiṭ (unknown): In al-Yamāma, mentioned by al-Aʿshā
Wāsiṭ (unknown): In Yemen on the coast of Zabīd near al-ʿAnbara
Wāsiṭ al-Qaṣab (settlement): A village near Wāsiṭ, built before it
Waskhāʾ (unknown): A place
Wasqand (settlement): A village near al-Ray
Waṣṣāf (quarter): A street in Nasaf
Wasṭān (unknown): A place mentioned by al-Aʿlam al-Hudalī
Wasṭān (diocese): Syriac Orthodox diocese
Waswās (unknown): A place
Waswas (unknown): A place
al-Watāiʾr (unknown): A place
al-Watarān (unknown): A place
al-Watar (mountain): A mountain belongingto Hudhayl along the ancient road from Yemen to Mecca
Water gate (building): at Antioch
Water gate (building): at Edessa
waters of contradiction (water): A stopping point in the biblical account of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt
water tanks of Zubayda (open water): A place
Wāthila (settlement): A famous village
Wātida (unknown): A place
al-Watida (unknown): A place
al-Watidāt (unknown): A place
al-Waṭīḥ (unknown): A place
al-Watīr (unknown): A place
al-Waʿwaʿa (unknown): A place
al-Waʿwāʿ (unknown): A place
Wāyah Khurd (wadi): Near Nihāwand
Waybawdhā (unknown): A place
Wayma (unknown): A place
Waymiya (unknown): A place
Waynā (unknown): A place
way of the sea (road): Mentioned in the Bible (Isa. 9:1)
Wayṣ (fortification): A place
Wazāghir (unknown): A place
Wāzdh (unknown): A place
Wazdūl (unknown): A place
al-Wazīra (settlement): A place
Wazīr-būr (campsite): "(unlocated post-station)"
al-Wazīriyya (unknown): A place
Wazwālīn (settlement): A village in Tocharistan
Wazwān (unknown): A place
al-Wazwāza (unknown): A place
Wāzwāz (unknown): A place
Wazwīn (unknown): A place
WʾḌʿ (region): A mikhlāf in Yemen
ʾWDRB (well): A well near the mountains of Tārighīn
Well of Abraham (building): in Asklelon
Well of Arīs (well): A place
Well of Buḍāʿa (well): A place
Well of al-Ḥijr (well): "at Madāʾ in Ṣāliḥ"
Well of Joseph (well): A well in Cairo
Well of Rūma (well): A place
Western lands (region): Latin Europe
Western Wall (building): an ancient wall in the Old City of Jerusalem
White Bridge (building): near the eastern gate of Damascus
White Mosque (mosque): "(at Ramla)"
White Mountain (mountain): A place
White Tower (building): The White Tower (manāra) near the eastern gate of Damascus
White Town (settlement): Belgorod Dnestrovskij, also known as Akkerman
WḤSh (fortification): A watchtower in Adharbayjān
Wiʿāb (unknown): A place
al-Wibār (unknown): A place
Wīdhābādh (quarter): A large neighborhood in Isfahan
Wīdhār (unknown): A place
al-Wiḥāf (unknown): A place
Wikār (unknown): A place
al-Wirāqayn (unknown): A place
al-Wirāq (unknown): A place
Wīr (settlement): A village near Isfahan
Wisāda (unknown): A place
Wīsū (region): A region north of the Volga Bulghars, also known as Great Perm
Wīza (unknown): A place
WʾKNH (fortification): A castle in Yemen in mikhlāf Rayma
WʾLBH (unknown): A place in Adharbayjān
WʾLʿ (settlement): A village
Wooden Gate (building): A gate of Constantinople
Worms (settlement): a city in Germany
WʾQF (unknown): A place above Medina
WʾQRH (mountain): A mountain in Yemen, on which is the castle al-Huṭayf
WʾQS (unknown): A place in Najd
WRʾNQʾN (region): A district near Isfahan
al-WRQH (settlement): A town in Yemen near Dhimār
WRYMD (region): A rural region in Sogdiana
WʾShLH (unknown): In the land of al-Yamāma
Wuʿāl (unknown): A place
al-Wuʿayra (unknown): A place
al-Wudadāʾ (unknown): A place
Wuḍākh (unknown): A place
al-Wudayk (unknown): A place
Wudd (unknown): A place
Wuḥāẓa (region): A mikhlāf in Yemen
Wuqayṭ (unknown): A place

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