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MShRD (settlement): A village in al-Yamāma
MShRQYN (unknown): A place name without definition mentioned by Yaqut al-Hamawi
MʾShYH (region): a land west of al-Yamama
MṢLḤKʾN (quarter): A neighborhood in Ray
al-MSMʾRYH (unknown): A place named without description by Yaqut al-Hamawi
MṢQLH (settlement): A town in Sicily
MSRʾBʾ (settlement): A village near Damascus
MʾSRJSʾN (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry alongside Dayr Fīq
al-MSTRYWN (settlement): A village in Egypt in the eastern district
al-MʿṢWMH (fortification): A citadel in Tāhart
MThḤṢ (unknown): A place mentioned by Yaqut al-Hamawi with no description
MʾṬḤ (unknown): A place on wadi Surdud
al-ʾMʾThL (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry alongside Burqat al-Ḥimā
MṬRH (unknown): A place near wadi Sharʿ
MTRYS (settlement): A small town in Arrān, twenty farsakhs from Bardhaʿa
Mt. Tabor (mountain): A place
Muʿabbir (unknown): A place
Muʿādha (unknown): A place
Muʿādh (unknown): A place
Muʿāhir (unknown): A place
Muʿallā (unknown): A place
al-Muʿarrafa (unknown): A place
al-Muʿarraf (unknown): A place
al-Muʿarras (unknown): A place
al-Muʿaṣṣab (unknown): A place
al-Muʿayy (unknown): A place
al-Muʿayyī (unknown): A place
al-Mubāraka (unknown): A place
al-Mubārak (unknown): A place
al-Mubārakiyya (fortification): A place
Mubāyiḍ (unknown): A place
Mubhil (unknown): A place
Mubīn (unknown): A place
Mudaʿ (unknown): A place
Mūdā (unknown): A place
al-Mudajjaj (unknown): A place
al-Mudāra (settlement): A village in the wadi ʿAradāt
Mudarraj (unknown): A place
al-Mudaybir (unknown): A place near al-Raqqa
al-Mudayrā (unknown): A place near Mecca
al-Muḍayyaḥ (unknown): A place
Mudfār (unknown): A place
al-Mudharrā (unknown): A place
al-Mudhaykhira (unknown): A place
Mudhaynib (unknown): A place
Mudhayyiḥ (unknown): A place
al-Mudhnabān (wadi): A wadi in Dhū al-Bān
al-Muḍill (unknown): A place
al-Mudraka (unknown): A place
Mudrak (unknown): A place
Mufḥil (unknown): A place
al-Mūfiyāt (unknown): A place
al-Mūfiyya (unknown): A place
al-Muftariḍ (unknown): A place
al-Mughammas (unknown): A place
Mughār (mountain): A mountain in the land of the Banu Sulaym
al-Mughāsil (unknown): A place
al-Mughayzil (unknown): A place
Mughīla (unknown): A place
al-Mughītha (unknown): A place
al-Mughīth (unknown): A place
Mughla (settlement): "town in western Turkey"
Mughnān (settlement): A village of Marw
al-Mughnaqa (unknown): A place
Mughūn (unknown): A place
Muḥajjir (unknown): A place
Muḥammadābādh (settlement): A village one farsakh from Naysābūr
al-Muḥammadiyya (unknown): A place
al-Muḥammadiyya (unknown): near Baghdād
al-Muḥammadiyya (unknown): near al-Ray
al-Muḥammadiyya (unknown): On the Zāb river
al-Muḥammadiyya (settlement): A city in Kirmān
al-Muḥammadiyyāt (unknown): A place
Muhammad's palm-trunk (natural feature): which (according to a traditional story) whimpered for Muhammad when he left it to use a minbar, at Medina
Muḥannib (unknown): A place
al-Muḥarraqa (unknown): A place
Muhashshima (unknown): A place
al-Muḥāṣir (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry alongside Butr
Muḥassir (unknown): A place
al-Muḥawwal (settlement): A little town with a lot of gardens a farsakh from Baghdad
al-Muḥayliya (unknown): A place
al-Muḥayṣir (unknown): A place
Muḥayyāh (unknown): A place
al-Muhazzam (unknown): A place
Muḥbil (unknown): A place
al-Muḥdatha (water): A water spot in Arabia
Muhdatha (building): A city wall of Mayyafariqin
al-Muḥdath (unknown): A place
Muḥibb (unknown): A palce mentioned in poetry alongside Tarfulān
al-Muḥraq (unknown): A place
al-Muḥriza (settlement): A small town on the island of ʿAbbādān near al-Basra
al-Muḥrizā (settlement): A village in southern Iraq where the Tigris divides before entering the Persian Gulf
Muʿīn (settlement): A village in the mikhlāf of Sinḥān
al-Muʿizziyya (quarter): "royal quarter of Taʿizz in the Yaman"
al-Mūjab (wadi): In between Jerusalem and the Balqā’
Mujāḥ (region): One of the regions of Mecca
al-Mujāhidiyya (unknown): A place near Mosul
Mujālikh (unknown): A place
al-Mujammar (unknown): A place
al-Mujaymir (unknown): A place

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