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ʿAbrā (settlement): village close to Gūbbōs
al-Abraqa (unknown): A place
Abraq ʿAmrān (unknown): A place
al-Abraqān (unknown): A place
Abraq Aʿshāsh (unknown): A place
al-Abrāqāt (unknown): A place
Abraq al-ʿAyshūm (unknown): A place
Abraqā Ziyād (unknown): A place
Abraq al-ʿAzzāf (unknown): A place
Abraq al-Bādī (unknown): A place
Abraq Daʾāth (unknown): A place
Abraq Ḍayḥān (unknown): A place
Abraq Dhāt Maʾsal (unknown): A place
Abraq Dhī Judad (unknown): A place
Abraq Dhī l-Jumūʿ (unknown): A place
al-Abraq al-Fard (unknown): A place
Abraq al-Ḥannān (unknown): A place
Abraq al-Hayj (unknown): A place
Abraq al-Ḥazn (unknown): A place
Abrāq (unknown): A place
al-Abraq (unknown): A place
Abraq al-Kharjāʾ (unknown): A place
Abraq al-Kibrīt (unknown): A place
Abraq al-Mardūm (unknown): A place
Abraq Māzin (unknown): A place
Abraq al-Mudā (unknown): A place
Abraq al-Naʿʿār (unknown): A place
Abraq al-Nisāʾ (unknown): A place
Abraq al-Rabadha (unknown): A place
Abraq al-Rawḥān (unknown): A place
Abraq al-Waḍḍāḥ (unknown): A place
Abrashahr (unknown): A place
al-Abrashiyya (unknown): A place
Abrashtawīm (unknown): A place
Abrāṣ (unknown): A place
ʿAbrayn (unknown): A place
Abrīnaq (settlement): A village near Marw
Abrīn (unknown): A place
Abritus (settlement): a town in Moesia
Abrūqā (unknown): A place
al-Abrūq (settlement): Divrigi, Tephrike
Absalom's Hand (building): i.e. Tomb of Absalom in Jerusalem
ʿAbsaqān (settlement): A place
Abshāy (unknown): A place
Abshīsh (unknown): A place
Abshiya (unknown): A place
ʿAbs (unknown): A place
ʿAbs (unknown): A place
Abshūyah (unknown): A place
al-Absīq (province): The Byzantine theme of Opsikion
al-ʿAbsiyya (unknown): A place
Absūj (unknown): A place
Absumī (open water): "alleged name for the Golden Horn"
Absus (unknown): A place
al-Abṭaḥ (region): Northward part of the main valley of Mecca, also known as al-Muhassab.
Abtar (unknown): A place in Syria
ʿAbthar (unknown): A place
Abtira (unknown): A place
al-Abṭun (wadi): A wadi near al-Suwāriqiyya
Abū l-Balmāʾ (settlement): The largest city in Kāwār
al-Aʿbuda (unknown): A place
ʿĀbūd (unknown): A place
Abū Dulāma (unknown): A place
Abū Ghālib monastery (monastery): A monastery in Karkar that existed from 1138 to 1600. Patriarch Michael the Great rebuilt its church in 1170.
Abūhar (settlement): "(near Multan)"
Abū Hirmīs (unknown): A place
Abū Kandala (unknown): A place in Sabā Ṣuhayb in Yemen
Abū Khālid (unknown): A place
Abulustayn (settlement): A city in Anatolia
Abū Manjūj (unknown): A place
Abū Muḥammad (unknown): A place
Abū Qubays (mountain): "hill at Mecca"
Ābur (unknown): A place
Abū l-Rīsh (settlement): A village in al-Washm in al-Yamāma
Abū Ṣīr (settlement): "town in Egypt"
Abū Turāb (settlement): A city in Baysh, in Yemen
Abū ʿUrūq (unknown): A place between al-Aʿrās and Bilbīs in Egypt
al-Abwāʾ (unknown): A place
Abwā (unknown): A place
Abwān (unknown): A place
al-Abwāṣ (unknown): A place
Abwayṭ (settlement): A village east of the Nile near Bardanīs in Upper Egypt
al-Abwāz (unknown): A place
al-Abyaḍ (building): The place of the Sasanian shahs in al-Mada'in
al-Abyaḍ (mountain): A mountain near Mecca
Abyan (unknown): A place in the mountains of Aden in Yemen
Abyār (settlement): "town in Egypt"
Abydos (settlement): Abydos (Hellespont), a city in Asia Minor
Abyūha (unknown): A place
Abzār (settlement): A village two farsakhs from Nishapur
academy of Aristotle (building): a center of learning at Alexandria
Achaïa (region): A place
Achantos (quarter): A suburb outside Trebizond
Acheloös River (river): A place
Achelous (settlement): a town in Greece
Achor valley (region): A valley mentioned in the Bible (Joshua 7)
Aḍāʾat Banī Ghifār (unknown): A place
Aḍāʾat Libn (unknown): A place
Adabā (mountain): A place
al-ʿAḍadiyya (unknown): A place

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