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al-Adāh (unknown): A place
al-Adāhim (unknown): A place
al-Aḍāʾ (unknown): A place
al-ʿAḍal (unknown): A place
Adāmā (unknown): A place
ʿAdam (unknown): A place
Adām (wadi): One of the most famous wadies of Mecca
Adam (unknown): A place near Dhu Qar
Adam (region): An area near Hajar in Bahrayn
Adam (region): A region of northern Oman
Adam (region): A region of Oman near the sea
Adam (mountain): A place near al-ʿAmq
Adam (unknown): A station of the Iraqi Hajj from Wasit
Adam (settlement): A village of Yemen
Adam (province): A province of Sanʿa
Adamodana (fortification): A castle two miles from Anazarbus on a river
ʿAdan Abyan (region): Southern region of Yemen
ʿAdana (unknown): A place
Adana (diocese): Syriac Orthodox diocese
ʿAdān (unknown): A place
ʿAdan (settlement): A city in Yemen
al-Aʿdān (unknown): A place
ʿAdan Lāʿa (unknown): A place
Adarfirkāl (unknown): A place
al-Aḍāriʿ (unknown): A place
al-ʿAdawiyya (unknown): A place
ʿAdawlā (unknown): A place
al-Adbar (unknown): A place
Aḍbuʿ (unknown): A place
ʿAddān (unknown): A place
Adda River (river): A place
ʿAdfāʾ (unknown): A place
Adfāʾ (unknown): A place
Adfa (unknown): A place
ʿAdfān (unknown): A place
al-ʿAdhabāt (unknown): A place
Adhāfir (unknown): A place
ʿAdhāh (unknown): A place
Adhākhir (unknown): A place
ʿAdham (unknown): A place
al-Ad’ham (unknown): A place
Adhana (settlement): A city, today in southeastern Turkey, which was in the Thughur between the caliphate and the Byzantine Empire
ʿAdhaq (unknown): A place
ʿAdhara (unknown): A place
Adharbayjān (diocese): Syriac Orthodox diocese
Ādharm (unknown): A place
Adhāsā (unknown): A place
ʿAdhba (unknown): A place
Adhbul (unknown): A place
ʿĀdh (unknown): A place
ʿĀdhib (unknown): A place
Ādhina (unknown): A place
Ādhīwakhān (unknown): A place
Adhkān (unknown): A place
Adhlaq (unknown): A place
ʿAdhnūn (unknown): A place
ʿAdhq (unknown): A place
Adhrāʿath (diocese): Syriac Orthodox diocese
ʿAdhrāʾ (unknown): A place
Adhrama (settlement): An old village in Diyar Rabia
Adhrant (settlement): A city in Sicily
Adhriʿāt (settlement): A town in Syria
Adhruʿ Akbād (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry
Adhruḥ (unknown): A place
Adhruʿ (unknown): A place in the Najd
Adhūn (settlement): A village near al-Ray
ʿAdīd (unknown): A place
ʿĀḍī (unknown): A place
al-ʿĀdiliyya Madrasa (madrasa): at Damascus
Adīm (unknown): A place in the lands of Hudhayl
ʿĀdiya (unknown): A place
al-Aḍjān (unknown): A place mentioned in poetry alongside Alawdh
Adlant (mountain): A mountain near Tanja in the Maghrib
Admah (settlement): An ancient town mentioned in the Bible as near Sodom
Admāth (unknown): A place
al-Adnayān (unknown): A place
Aḍraʿa (settlement): A place
Aḍrās (unknown): A place
Adrianople (settlement): A city near Constantinople (modern Edirne)
Adrianos (quarter): quarter of Alexandria
Adriatic Sea (open water): Separating the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula
Aḍruʿ (unknown): A place
Adrūr (settlement): village of Tur Abdin
ʿAḍudān (unknown): A place
Adummim (fortification): A place mentioned in the Bible
Aḍwaḥ (unknown): A place
ʿAdwa (unknown): A place
al-Adwāʾ (unknown): A place
al-Aḍwaj (unknown): A place
ʿAḍyā Shajar (unknown): A place
Ægæ (settlement): town
Aegean Sea (open water): A place
Aenon (unknown): A site on the Jordan river where John the Baptist was baptizing, mentioned in the Gospel of John
Aeolian islands (island): A place
Aetos (settlement): A town in the Peloponnese
al-Afāhīd (unknown): A place
Afāḥīṣ (unknown): A place
al-Afāʿī (wadi): A wadi near Qulzum
Afāmiya (settlement): Apamea
ʿAfār (unknown): A place

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